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Cat Breed Registers

The are many different organisations that you cat or kitten could be regsitered with, however in Britain the ones most commonly used are the GCCF and TICA.

There are two types of regsiters available to the breeders when registering the cat or kitten, they are as follows;

  • Active register;

  • Non-Active register.

All cat and kittens which are to be breed from should be placed on the Active register and any cat or kitten sold as a pet or show neuter should be placed on the Non-Active register.


The fees for registration are the same for both registers.


If a cat which is on the Non-Active has kittens the GCCF and TICA will not register these kittens.  


However a cat can be transferred from the Non-Active register to the Active register by only by the person who initially registered the cat or kitten.


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