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Cat Grooming

Getting involved in in your cats grooming can help strengthen your bond with your cat


Grooming can also stimulate circulation and improves muscle tone, but also helps to reduce hairballs in the cats stomach by removing the loose hairs.


Introduce your cat to grooming as early as possible to get them used to it.  Grooming also helps to spot any external parasites and wounds.



Use a fine-toothed metal comb weekly and a natural-bristle or rubber brush to remove any dead hairs, gently brush or comb your cat's hair in the direction that the hair grows. Use the bristle brush to sweep up the coat against the direction of hair growth and then smooth it down again.



Use a steel comb and groom daily, any knots can be teased out with your fingers, or cut off carefully.

How to groom shorthaired cats

How to groom longhaired cats