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Dog Breed Registers

There are 3 registers which your dog can be registered with.  The registers are as follows;

  • Breed Register;

  • Activity Register;

  • Companion Dog Register.


There is a fee to pay to register your litter, puppy or dog.

Breed Register

Your dog can only be registered on the Breed Register if it is currently a recognised breed and both parents are of the same breed and already registered.  Litters can be registered online or alternatively you can download the Litter Registration Form.


The breeder will register the puppies, it is best if the puppies are register as soon as possible to make sure that the relevant documents are available for the new owner at the time of sale.


The breeder should hand you a blue certificate, which includes all the puppy's details that are registered. You will need to ensure that the breeder has signed the transfer of ownership form on the back of the certificate and completed the date of sale field.


Once you get your registered puppy home you will need to transfer the ownership of the puppy into your own name ensuring that all parties have signed the relevant sections.

Activity Register

Your dog does not have to be a pedigree, or pure bred dog to be registered on the Activity Register. You would regsiter your dog on the activity register if you wanted to compete with your dog in events such as obedience, agility, flyball or heelwork to music competitions.

The Companion Register

The Companion registeris open to any dog whether it is a purebred or crossbreed puppy or older dog.  It isa great way to become part of the dog world and celebrate the company of dogs with others.