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Dog Grooming

Dog grooming is used for hygienic care, cleaning of a dog and is also a process that can enhance a dog's physical appearance.


Grooming is an important part of dog care. How often you groom your dog will depend on the breed, age, and health of the dog.


Dogs with longer hair or thick hair will need to be groomed more often than shorthaired dogs.


As a general rule, longer and widely-spaced bristles are suitable for dogs with longer coats and shorter and tightly-packed ones are better to use on dogs with short hair

Tools for grooming

Brushes - there are many types of grooming brushes, the most common ones are bristle brush, wire pin brush, and the slicker brush.  

  • A bristle brush can be used on any type of coat.  However longer and widely-spaced bristles are more suitable for dogs with longer coats, shorter and tightly-packed bristles are better to use on dogs with short hair. 

  • A wire pin are good for dogs with long, wiry, wavy and curly coats as they are useful to separate and untangle the coat.

  • A slicker brush are used to smooth the coat and to take out mats and tangles.


Combs - are used to help grab the longer hairs on a harsh coat.


Rakes - these are important grooming dogs with double-coats, as they are good at removing dead hair from the undercoat.  Rakes can also be used for untangling and dematting.