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Dog Nail Care

The majority of dogs will hardly ever need their nails trimmed, as their nails are worn down by walking on hard sufaces such as the pavement. If a dogs nails become too long they can break, bleed or even grow into the their feet which will cause the dog a lot of discomfort.  A tell tale sign that a dogs nails need clipping is when you hear a click-click-click noise as your pet walks on hard floors.

How to clip your dogs nails

Only use nail trimmers that have been designed for use on pets and ensure that they are sharp.


Hold your pet's paws firmly in your hand and push on the pads lightly to make the nail stick out, then snip off just the transparent tip of the claw.  With dark nails, trim very thin cuttings off the end until the nail is shorter. If you see a black dot in the centre of the nail, then do nto cut any more as this will cause your pets nails to bleed. with whire nails this will be pink.


If your pets nails start to bleed, apply pressure with a cotton ball.  Consult your vet if the bleeding continues.


Try and trim your pets nails once a week, but at least twice a month. The more your trim them the easier it becomes as your pet will get used to the process.