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Puppies require about two and half times more calories as an adult dog while they are growing.

Food for this age group should be higher in calories, protein and other key nutrients. Although many nutrients are needed in higher quantities, some nutrients may need to be adjusted in other ways.

An appropriate puppy food will contain all the necessary nutrients.

Older Dogs
At around 7 years and older, dogs start to experience a decline in certian areas, including the immune system. They may be less active and the sense of smell or taste can also be affected.

There are foods available specifically for older dogs that have an amended nutritional content.

Pregnant Bitches
During her 9 week pregnancy a bitch does not need any addtional food until the 6 week stage. At 6 weeks her food should be increased by around a third until the puppies are born. This can be achieved by using a puppy food to feed her.

Around 3-4 times more calories are needed when the bitch is producing milk, this can be achieved again with a puppy food.