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Try and introduce your new cat gradually, bring your new cat into a room just for them to get settled into their new home. Put food, water, toys and litter tray in the room.

Once your new cat has settled into their new home, start by swapping bedding or food bowls with your exisitng cat(s), this will help them to get used to each others smell.

Once your cats are used to each others smell you can start to introduce your cats face to face initially under supervision, allow the cats to smell each others territory.

Don't worry if they hiss and growl at each other, they will do this until they have established who is boss, only intervein if it starts to get nasty.

If one cat starts to get very agressive then they may not be ready to be introduced, you should seperate them and try again once they have calmed down.

The length of time it takes for your cats to get on will depend on each individual cat and their personality.

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