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Lola is a blue British Shorthair breed (BSH).


Lola is usually quite active in the morning and late evening, but other than these times she is usually quite laid back and will sleep for most of the day.


As Lola's coat is quite thick she needs grooming everyday or at least every other day.


Lola's favourite toys are the interactive teaser toys.


Initially Lola did not take the introduction of our two other cats Pepper and Yuna too well, she seemed to be a little put out and there were a few hisses here and there. However they all seem to be settling in and Lola has established herself as top cat for now.


Ideally Lola would prefer to be the only pet in the household as she likes all of the attention, however she is adjusting well and she is getting back to her usual self.

The average life span of a British Shorthair is usually around 15 years.


The British Shorthair is one of the largest breeds of cat with the male being much larger than the female.  


British Shorthairs usually have an average of three and five kittens in a litter.  Generally British Shorthair queens are good mothers, as they are quite placid by nature.

British shorthair breed


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