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Picking a Cat


There are many different types of cat breeds and so it can be difficult to choose which cat breed would be best suited to you and your family.

You should ask yourself the following:

If you have children, is this breed good with children?
Does the breed require a lot of grooming? How much time do you have to groom a cat?
How affectionate do you want your cat to be?
How much attention are you to able to provide a cat?
Is the breed laid back or very active? What type of person are you eg laid back or very active?
Will the breed set off any allergies?
If you have other pets, will the breed tolerant of them?
How long will your cat be alone?

Do you have children

If you have children it would be best to avoid dominat breeds and try and get a more submisive breed of cat which likes to be around people.

Grooming reqiurements

Their are many advantages to getting a cat with a short coat.
Less grooming
Less visible (on clothes etc)
Easier to detect fleas and ticks
So as you can imagine for longer coated cats the opposite is true, they will need to be groomed oftenand so if you have not got time to groom your cat everyday then you woud be best suited to a short haired cat.

Cat Temperament

Don't choose an energetic breed unless you yourself are an energetic person. A high energy cat that doesn't get the necessary exercise can develope behavioural problems. If your more laid back look for a laid back breed.

Also do you want an affectionate cat as some cat breeds will not sit on you lap and do not like being handled.



Some people are allergic to cat hair, however for allergy sufferers it would be wise to choose a cat which sheds very lightly/not often. But we would recommened spending time with the cat first as some sufferers have higher allergy levels than others.

Other pets

If you already have pets it is important to try pick a cat that will fit in with your current pets and to avoid any fights between the pets. You will need to research the temperments of your current pets and your perspective cat.