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Picking a Dog



Is it to be -

  • an active companion

  • for disabled assistance

  • a family pet

  • for hunting (retrieving)

  • for police work or rescue

  • for protection

  • for show competitions



If you do or are planning on having them avoid  breeds with a dominance streak or a short temper. Some children may pull at the dogs hair, ears etc and this may provoke the animal to defend itself. It is our opinion that no young children should be left unattended with a dog.

Why Do You Want A Dog?



Don't choose an energetic breed unless you yourself are an energetic person. A high energy dog that doesn't get exercised properly can develop behavioural problems. If your more laid back look for a laid back breed.



There are many advantages to getting a dog with a short coat.

Less grooming

Less visible (on clothes etc)

Easier to detect fleas and ticks

So as you can imagine for longer coated dogs the opposite is true (have to groom more often, highly visible on clothes and harder to find any ticks or fleas hiding in their coats). But for some people this is all part of the fun of owning a dog.



Some people are allergic to dog hair - but don't dispair. For allergy sufferers it would be wise to choose a dog which sheds very lightly/not often. But we would recommend spending time with the dog first as some sufferers have higher allergy levels than others.




There is no getting away from it, all dogs need to be exercised. The amount of exercise a dog needs varies between the breeds and also on the size of the dog. But it needs it, every day come rain or shine. If you haven't much time or energy, choose a dog with a lower energy level.

Here at Home of Pets we are disgusted with irresponsible people who see dogs as a fashion accessory or a status symbol. We feel people would make better choices if they only thought a little more before making a decision. There is a lot to consider, so here we have compiled a handy guide to make an informed decision when choosing your dog.


Here are some things to think about:

Long Or Short Coated?

Do You Have A Dog Hair Allergy?

Do You Have The Time To Exercise Your Dog?

Your Dogs Temperament Should Match Yours

Do You Have Children?

If You,


  • Don't have the time to look after the dog

  • Don't have the time to exercise the dog

  • Don't have a lot of patience

  • Don't want to clear up the animals mess 



And Finally

Please Read The Following When Considering Buying A Dog

Labrador retriever puupy. A few things to think about before you pick the right dog for you.