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Training your kitten

It is possible to teach your kitten some basic skills, such as regconising their name and coming to you when called.

Here are a few ideas to help train your kitten



It is important to introduce kittens to new people and other cats and dogs while they are still young.  Most people will get their kittens at 12-13 weeks old so it is important to start the process of socailisaton as soon as possible.


Invite differnet people over of all ages and sexes, take your kitten on car journeys to get them used to travelling in a car.



Try saying your kittens name over and over during an enjoyable and  experience. Do not shout their name if they have done something wrong as it will be easier if they assoiciate their name with good things.  This is also important when you call their name, you want them to come running.



It is important to teach cats where to scratch, so they don't scratch your furniture or carpets instead.  You can temp your kitten to use a scratching post by doing the following;


Show the kitten their post and dangle a toy along it and try and get them to play. When their claws hit the post thwy will usually start scratching.  You can also lift your kitten's forepaws gently and make downwards, scratching motions on the post, your kitten should eventually start to do this on its own.  If the the above do not seem to work you could try putting catnip on the post to encourage them to scratch

Socialise your kitten

Name Familiarity


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