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What you need for your puppy

Once you have made the decision to buy a puppy, there are a few things that you will need in to have in place to ease your puppy into its new home.

When first bring your puppy home it will be a stressful time for the puppy, as it is usually the first time away from its mother and family. You will need to give your puppy time to adjust to the new surroundings in your home.


You will need to make the puppy aware of where its bed, food and water bowls are. A puppies bed needs to be warm, dry, comfortable and draught free.


Many puppies will cry out at night time, especially during the first week in a new home, this is while it adjusts to it new surroundings, if you many the puppies bed very warm, your puppy will more comfortable.


It is  also advisable to take your puppy to the vet during the first week you bring it home to get it checked out.

Bringing your puppy home


When you you first bring your puppy home it is important to feed your puppy on the same food that it is used to. A change in diet along with adapting to new surroundings can cause stomach upsets.  If you are planning in changing your puppy's food it is advisable to do so gradually by mixing it in with its usual food.


After weaning puppies will usually be fed three times a day, this is usually at breakfast time, lunch time and again in the evening.


You should continue to feed you puppy three times a day until the puppy is at least 4 months of age. At 4 months it will be ok to reduce the feeding to two meals a day, which are usually one in the morning and one in the evening

If you already have pets in your home, it is advisable to let your new puppy explore its new surroundings, before introducing it to your other pets. When introducing your puppy to your other pets do it gradually and make sure you are there to watch.

Walking your puppy

You should get your puppy used to walking on a lead when it is still very young. Your best to use a non-choking collar, and put it on the puppy for a few minutes each day so that it can get used to it.  It is advisable to take your puppy out when putting in its lead so that your puppy is able to link the two together.